How to use EVOO: A Beginners' Guide for Singaporeans by a Singaporean

Updated: Aug 27

EVOO can enhance the flavour profile of some of our most-loved food (Photo by: Ethan Hu)

Growing up in Singapore and helping my mother in the kitchen from a young age, I was used to seeing her cook with canola, sesame and sunflower oil or other refined plant-based oils.

I also remember going to Longhouse Food Court at Upper Thomson Road (anyone else remembers this amazing place?) and seeing the goreng pisang stall frying bananas in a massive wok of unknown oil. Mum told me they would reuse the oil for days or even weeks. What’s the big deal? I thought. Now, at the risk of sounding atas, I cannot imagine cooking with anything other than EVOO. I have even converted my mother, who would never even consider pay more than $10 for a bottle of oil.

“La qualità non ha prezzo! ("Quality has no price”) – Orlando Timperio’s response when people say, “But olive oil is so expensive!”

My response: Start with buying a smaller bottle, and use sparingly! When you realise that you can’t live without it, you might just start buying 5 litre tin cans, or ordering crates of them just like I did! I believe in paying more for a bottle of authentic EVOO if it means immense health benefits and the elevation in flavour of all dishes.

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Just like how rice and noodles are staples to most Singaporeans’ diets, EVOO is a principal element in almost all Italian kitchens. It is often used as a base ingredient and many Italians can tell when it is missing from a dish.

As we enter week 2 of our circuit breaker due to the on-going COVID-19 outbreak, some of us may be running out of ideas on what to cook or what to da pao in order to keep the wife, husband, kids or parents (and ourselves) satisfied.

So today, we share some ideas on how you can elevate the flavour and nutritional content of your daily meals. Olive oil is great for kids too and they love the taste, so the whole family can enjoy!

With the increase in the amount of time spent at home like never before, many of us are spending more time in the kitchen cooking up our favourite dishes, or perhaps we prefer to da pao. Let us share some dishes where you can add EVOO to give it a little twist, and to enhance the flavour profile of some of our most-loved food.

Local Favourites

In this section I will be sharing pairing ideas of Timperio EVOOs with my local favourite dishes. My advice for you is to check out this product review to familiarise yourself with Timperio's EVOOs first.

  1. Chicken Rice (Organic Bio/Olio)

  2. Fried Carrot Cake/Oyster Omelette (Organic Bio/Olio)

  3. Satay (Organic Bio/Olio)- Drizzle copious amounts over the ketupat!

  4. Kueh Pie Tee (Nobile)

  5. Wanton Mee/Bak Chor Mee (Nobile)

  6. Hokkien Prawn Mee (Nobile)

  7. Nasi Lemak (Gentile)

  8. Laksa (Gentile)

  9. Nasi Biryani (Gentile)

  10. Kaya Toast and Soft-Boiled Eggs (Gentile)- Yes, I am serious! Try it!

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Café Favourites:

  1. Avocado on toast (Organic Bio/Olio)

  2. Scrambled or poached eggs (Truffle flavoured EVOO)

  3. Wilted spinach (Garlic and Rosemary flavoured EVOO)

  4. Smoked Salmon (Lemon flavoured EVOO)

  5. Pasta (Basil flavoured EVOO, Nobile, Truffle flavoured EVOO)

  6. Pizza (Basil flavoured EVOO, Gentile)

  7. French fries, sweet potato fries (Truffle flavoured EVOO, Garlic and Rosemary flavoured EVOO)

  8. Soups (Gentile)

  9. Salads (Nobile)

  10. Buddha Bowls (Nobile)

Want to keep the kids fed and entertained while we#stayathome? Try making some of these treats with the kids, but don’t forget to go easy on the sugar- we don’t want to be held responsible for hyperactive kids running around indoors! Instead of butter, use our Gentile EVOO for a healthier and more delicious treat.

For the kids

  1. Popcorn

  2. Banana bread

  3. Pancakes

  4. Chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes

  5. Brownies

Share with us how you use EVOO in your kitchen and your favourite dishes to cook with or add EVOO to. In the coming posts, we will be featuring some of our favourite recipes. Let us know which you would like to see!


An article written by Claire, a Singaporean friend of Timperio




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